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The Murdered Family - A 1920's Murder Myster


A wave of fear sweeps across the wind-swept prairies of central North Dakota in April of 192 0 with the
tragic news that seven members of a farm family and their hired boy have been brutally murdered
at their home just north of Turtle Lake in McLean County. A massive search for the killers begins
immediately in the midst of an intense statewide election campaign. Three weeks later, eager
investigators encouraged by nervous politicians get a signed confession from one of the prime suspects in
the case. He is sentenced that same day to life in the state penitentiary. From the beginning, the
man denies his guilt and says his confession was obtained under duress, intimidation and fear. In November,
his lawyers file a motion in district court asking that his plea of guilty be withdrawn
and for a trial upon the merits. Their motion is strengthened when some new evidence is discovered  on the
Wolf family farm only days before the motion is filed. Some ninety years later, people in the area still
recall the words the convicted man was supposed to have said: “My eyes  have seen but my hands are clean!”

Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum

WAAAM has one of the largest collections of still-flying antique airplanes and

still-driving antique automobiles in the country. This museum is full of LIFE!  

The plane from "Early Flying Days" can be seen there. 

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Mat-Su Valley's Local Newspaper

John Hanson Pictures

Film maker, author and photographer.

John says :

In all my work – film, video, photographs and writing – the land is always a character in the story. Land in the broadest sense – the physical landscape, yes – but also the culture, history, memory and spiritual fabric of place. I grew up under the big sky on the High Plains of North Dakota and although I haven’t lived there for decades, that early connection to place continues to shape my stories. The films, photographs and books on this site reflect a journey through many landscapes in a long career – and a search for the essence in each unique place.

As writer Wendell Berry has said, If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are.”